Untamed Beauty LIVE Teleclass

What if what you have believed was wrong and ugly about you is a

strongness and beauty you have yet to embrace?M42

Have you been tamed into submission by the agreed upon contructs of this reality? 

Would you like to live and create your life from the untamed wild beauty you be?

Then come play with us as we explore this topic deeper, clear energy that doesn’t allow us to HAVE it, and discover how YOU can have and BE MORE of the WILD UNTAMED BEAUTY YOU TRULY BE!

What if you are what you have been looking for all along?



UNTAMED BEAUTY Introduction on Ignite Inspired Living Radio

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Week 1: Unlocking the treasure You Be

Using the Access Clearing statement and Melanie’s unique elegant energetic transformation clear, change, and unlock what has been suppressed, depressed and hidden. Embrace the parts of you that you have judged a wrong-ness that are actually a strong-ness and the beauty of you that can transform your life and the world.

Week 2: Wild Untamed Beauty

What would it be like if you could be You, the wild untamed you, with anyone anywhere? What if you never again hid or diminished your Beauty, your enthusiasm, your Joy, your wild potency? In week 2 we continue the clearing of anything that would stop you from BEING ALL OF YOU with others. To Be LIVING the Untamed Beauty you truly be!

Dates and Times:

Week 1 Wednesday August 7th 7pm-8pm PT

Week 2 Wednesday August 14th 7pm-8pm PT


  • 2 one hour LIVE global teleclasses

  • recording of each class for download

  • written and recorded clearing processes from each class

  • weekly home play 

  • 15 minute private INDIVIDUAL wildly untamed clearing session RECORDED. (($50 value))

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