Unlocking Holding Patterns

Is it possible that some of the areas of your life you haven’t been able to change are locked in place by Holding Patterns?

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Having a simple yet effective energetic body process called, Holding Patterns run on your body can delete these stuck locked in limitations with ease.


Would you like to unlock money, relationship, or Body limitations from your body and life? Here is how you can!

Could Being Touched Unlock Your Money Limitations?



Is it possible that being touched is a missing link to changing your money situation? One of the newest Access Consciousness® Body Processes could have a big effect on your money flows, says founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas.

The process is called “Holding Patterns.”  It pertains to “the many places where we hold patterns in our bodies against having the joy of our bodies.” These holding patterns include, among many other things, the rigidity around money that is stored in our bodies.  For some, it may even be impossible to change these without receiving the Holding Patterns process and related Access Consciousness® body work.

One of the main functions of money, Douglas discovered a few years ago, is to nurture and care for our bodies.  It’s our bodies that require and desire food, shelter, clothing, as well as the more decadent things like orgasmic food, awesome accommodations, and luxurious duds.  If we were not in bodies, would we require any of those things?  Would it even be possible to enjoy them?

“When you take these holding patterns out of your body, it changes your money situation,” continues Douglas.  “It might have something to do with the fact that if you’re holding onto things, you’re keeping rigidity in some point of view.  When that shifts and changes, a new point of view becomes available to you and a new possibility becomes available.”

With holding patterns in place, there are areas in your body where you can’t receive.  To have the abundance that is truly possible, “You’ve got to be able to receive everywhere.”

Douglas himself has noticed huge changes in his own body since he’s been receiving this hands-on process.  “There’s been a huge shift in the way my body can receive.  Feedback from radio shows (that he does weekly on Voiceamerica Radio, World Puja Network, and elsewhere) shows that people are getting Access Consciousness® in a different way now,” which he attributes to the clearing in his being that’s been achieved through receiving this hands-on body process on his body.

Douglas has also noticed his business partner and co-author, Dr. Dain Heer, having changes in his body. “He’s thinner and he’s willing to have even more fun, like getting up at 7 a.m. to jet ski in the rain.”

Like all Access Consciousness® body processes, the Holding Patterns process is non-invasive and extremely gentle.  No pressure or manipulation is used, and no prior medical or massage training is required to perform it.  In fact, many children can and do learn these processes and can perform them better than adults in many cases because they haven’t bought as many pre-conceptions and limitations about what can be changed.

The Holding Patterns Body Process is taught as an introductory class by more than 200Body Process Facilitators worldwide.  It’s also included in the 3-day Body Class, to which everyone who’s completed through Foundation and Level 1 is invited.  Individual facilitators worldwide can also perform this for you as a session.  You can find facilitators near you by searching on the accessconsciousness.com website for “Find a facilitator” in your country or state.