Energetic Facelift

 Access Consciousness Energetic Face Lift


Beyond Botox!This unique energetic process reverses the appearance of aging – firms, lifts, smooths and rejuvenates the face and permeates this energy throughout the entire body on a cellular level.

Using the hands to stimulate the flow of energy, a soft, soothing touch is applied on your face, neck, chest and head. In a session, your muscles begin to release, your skin begins to rejuvenate, energetic blocks begin to dissipate and you experience deep relaxation.

Are you ready to be totally pampered? before and after facelift
The results are far more than skin deep.  An Energetic Face Lift releases the points of view you have about aging (aging = wrinkles,
sagging, everyone ages, etc.) and helps to release energy that has been locked up by your emotions and stress. This is what actually shows up on our faces as wrinkles and lines.

Are you ready for a very different possibility? 
Many notice results after just one session and with continued sessions a permanent* change is possible (*after 10 – 20 sessions, varies by individual).

Would You Like To:

  • change the firmness and texture of the skin on your face & neck
  • add a luminous glow
  • reduce appearance of wrinkles and lines
  • rejuvenate your skin & appear more youthful
  • look younger & feel great

Have you used the newest technologies, beauty products, exercises and diets to look younger? Are they working for you?
If you answered no, it may be that you are missing the most important element: ENERGY. Science tells us that everything is energy and everything is connected energetically…that we are electromagnetic beings

The Access Energetic Face Lift is being used professionally in spas, massage practices, anti-ageing centres, plastic surgeons’ offices, and wellness centres worldwide.

Is Now The Time?
Relax and receive the energies that invite the cellular structure to change.